About me

I am Paula Díaz Ruiz, explorer and curious by nature, always with a new project or adventure ahead, with a lot of enthusiasm to keep growing and learning every step of the way.
As many people from my generation, and with a couple of economic crises behind us in a very short period of time, the professional path looked quite unstable for all of us, therefore in Winter 2006 I took my backpack full of energy and enthusiasm and I decided to try and live new adventures abroad; I cannot hesitate when I say this was one of the many milestones in my life. All of our lives are marked by small decisions that change the whole course of it, and this was definitely one of them.

I lived a few incredible years developing my personal and professional route while living in London

All those experiences and learning paths were definitely one of the biggest gifts that
shaped me and that I carry with me every day of my life.

My professional path was focused on the fashion industry for so many years, until I went back to my home country (Spain) which was when I started focusing in the tourism business, working as a soft skills trainer and leading teams within a Rent A Car company.
I have always had a deep fascination by people, their behavioural patterns, their values, the pain, the motivations…. And that has being always in my DNA since I can remember.
It was when I became an adult and I started working with teams, leaders, and people that this fascination made me realise how much my world could change and also the world for others.
That is why I decided to take the route I was always made for, and I focused on taking the best education to become a Certificate Coach by ICF and also an NLP Practitioner, since then I help people to reroute their lives, and also, I collaborate with other businesses helping them to train their leaders and teams in soft skills, management skills, communication and emotional intelligence.

Coaching is not about your coach, it is about this trusting relationship that we create to propel you to where you want to go, who you want to be.

Personal Coaching

You are OK, everything in your life works well and it´s organised, but somehow you have the feeling that something is not right, you are not as happy as you were supposed to be? Or maybe not, there are things that are not going well with your life, you know you have to face it, but you don´t know how to do it. You absolutely love your life, but right now you are going through a rough patch that doesn’t allow you to see clearly which way to follow now ….

Executive Coaching

Big organisations are changing and with that, it also changes their way of understanding and dealing with their teams/ employees. It´s for that reason that Coaching has become a must at all levels for all businesses in order to work with their employees with the goal of becoming a more efficient company and generating a better work atmosphere for their teams. If you think this would match your needs, your organisations or if you would like to know more about it, please do not hesitate to get in touch ...

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